Now you can have free, almost unlimited hosting for your CoCo related project!.

Getting a decent place to host or store your files can be difficult some times.
Most free plans for cloud drives have strong restrictions on what you can store and how it can be accesses.
Free hosting sites are usually loaded with annoying advertisements and paying for hosting may not be easy when you are working on a small, non-profit project.

Why ?

Why not?
I'm paying for a hosting plan that includes "unlimited bandwith" and 150 GB storage. I'm using under 10 GB, and even in my craziest plans, I don't see how I would use more than 50 GB.
That leaves 100 GB that I can share with whoever I want.
The CoCo community has been great with me - I got a lot of support during one if my most difficult times back in 2007 - and I hope that this is a way of giving something back.

What ?

This is what I offer:
"Unlimited" space.
As long as I have available storage, I won't give you an artificial limit. If I ever get close to the 150 GB limit, well, we will see then.
FTP access.
I will create a FTP user for you to upload and download files into your "home" folder.
You will not have control over the password. It can only be changed from the hosting administration tool. URL.
Your files will be available under
YACCS means "Yet Another CoCo Site", and is my original site. I guess the name makes even more sense now ;-)

What else?

If you have a domain name, we should be able to point it to your "home" folder.
I have +90 email accounts available. I should be able to give you one under or
MySQL Databases are a bit more complicated. I have about 12 available, and management can be an issue. But if you need one, we may be able to find a way.


If this seems like something that could help you in your CoCo project, just let me know.
Either send me an email to, or write something in CoCoWares' Wiki.
I'll get back to you and we will get you set up.