The Gamester

A super high quality arcade joystick for your CoCo, Tandy 1000 & Dragon computers. Built to last!
Stock Model Features:
  • Genuine Arcade Joystick
  • Cherry Button Switches
  • Cabinet made of "real" Pine Wood
  • Custom Finish Stain
  • Modular Interface Cable
  • Right Handed Configuration
  • Compatible with all CoCo's, Tandy 1000's with DIN joystick port & Dragon (with adapter)
  • All Components are Replaceable!
Stock Model Price: $80
Optional Upgrades:
  • Different Wood Choices
  • Different Stain or Paint Finishes
  • Custom Length Modular Cable
  • Left Handed Configuration
  • Dragon 32/64 Adapter
All joystick are built to order. The cabinets are all hand made in my friends woodshop.
No money will be required up-front. If you are interested in one please email me at: and I will get your name added to the list.
If you prefer a custom one please specify what you would like and I will submit a quote back with your custom configuration choice.


Contact Neil Blanchard
Price: $ 80.00
On demand
Ships from Canada