Pop*Star Pilot

Pop the balloons, be the Star!
Have you got what it takes to navigate all 5 zones of this aerial obstacle course?
Dodge and manoeuvre your way over buildings, inside caverns and through suspended structures popping balloons along the way to earn points.
Keep an eye on your fuel and top up at every opportunity to keep your gas guzzling craft in the air.
You will need to collect a minimum of 25 tokens to unlock your passage into the final Zone 5.
It will take nerves of steel and sharp reflexes to survive the journey so crank that engine and buckle up!
The CD also includes full version bonus games - Neutroid 2, Donut Dilemma, Rupert Rythym, Space intruders, Pac-man, Gate Crasher & Neutroid 2.015
  • $10 for the Digital Download copy
  • $20 for the Physical CD Media copy


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Price: $ 10.00
On demand
Ships from Australia