Neutroid 2.015

For centuries, man has strived for the ultimate power source. As fossil fuels become scarce, the need for a new, inexhaustible source of energy grows more and more.
In a dimly lit laboratory, a professor is experimenting on a newly discovered sub-atomic particle. This particle has been named, NEUTROID and is causing great controversy in 'The Neutroid Project'.
A prototype power generator has been constructed. Inside this generator is housed a number of small lead/titanium boxes called Particle Vaults. Within each vault is a grid network along which Neutroid and Antitroid particles travel. Protroid particles and special maintenance units called Grid Chargers are adjacent. Monitoring of the particle vault is performed by external scanners creating a color coded image onto a standard color television screen.
In order to release the stored energy from within the vault, the Neutroid particle must be guided via electromagnetic fields into a collision with each Protroid particle at the same time avoiding the Antitroid particles which are attracted to the Neutroid's magnetic field. As the energy output of the generator increases, each successive grid becomes more difficult to complete. Therefore, lighting fast reflexes and rapid strategic thinking are a key element to the success of this experiment!
Science is counting on you professor! Complete each grid quickly before the particle vaults reach the meltdown state, else all is lost!


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