Multi-Pak PAL Upgrade

Upgrade Your Multi Pak To Work With The CoCo 3
This upgrade allows Radio Shack's 26-3024 MPI to work properly with the CoCo 3'. Without this modification, the Multi-Pak and CoCo 3's memory map overlap and can cause unpredictable results, possibly even data corruption under certain conditions.
If you're running an non-upgraded 26-3024 Multi-Pak with a CoCo 3, don't take a chance. Installation of the upgrade is easy -- no soldering is required.

Does My Multi-Pak Need This Upgrade?
Here's a simple test that will determine if your Mulit-Pak has already been upgraded to work with a CoCo 3. From BASIC's OK prompt, type PRINT PEEK(&HFF90) and press ENTER. If 126 is returned then the Multi-Pak has been upgraded. If it returns 255 then it has NOT been upgraded.


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