Modular Video Cable

Monitor Adapters For Your CoCo.
With Cloud-9's Modular Video Cable products, you don't have to worry about hooking up monitors such as the Magnavox 8CM515 or the Commodore 1084S to your CoCo 3. Simply plug the modular video adapter cable into the 10-pin RGB monitor port underneath your CoCo 3, and connect it to the appropriate monitor cable adapter.
No more messy cable hacks, no need to risk modification to your CoCo 3's case. Just plug in and you're off and running!
> Supports several popular RGB monitors for the CoCo 3
> Interchangeable to allow for different monitors
> Easy to install
You will need the CoCo 3 Video Monitor Adapter Cable and the Mating Cable specific to your monitor. Each item is sold separately.


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