MC-10 Composit

This RF Modulator replacement allows for composite video and sound through the same jack. The jack is positioned where the RF jack used to be on the computer, so there's no need for case modifications.
The RF Modulator in the MC-10 generates the system clock, as well as converting the MC6847 output into channel 3-4 RF. This composite board generates the system clock, converts the MC6847 output into baseband composite, and makes it (along with sound), available at a mini-headphone style jack at the rear of the machine.
All the necessary signals and power connections are made through the original connections for the RF box. The 6 and 3-pin headers at the front of the board, and the grounding lug at the back.
Physical fit is excellent as a drop-in replacement once the RF box is removed.
Requires soldering to install


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Price: $ 30.00
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