DriveWire 4

DriveWire 4 is an award winning open source connectivity solution for the Tandy Color Computer and similar devices.
Using DriveWire 4 you can run a web server on your CoCo, host a multi line internet BBS, transfer files to and from remote computers, send email, control MIDI devices, telnet to and from your Coco, display graphical OS-9 windows on your modern PC, and much more.
Supporting all CoCo models, CoCo3FPGA, Atari/Liber809, emulators and more, DriveWire provides:
> Disk drives up to 4GB in size
> Access to remote filesystems (HTTP/FTP/WebDAV/SSH/CIFS/etc)
> TCP/IP networking
> Virtual/telnet modem emulation
> Printing via an emulated Epson FX80 dot matrix printer
> A real time clock
> MIDI using a built in flexible synthesizer or external devices
> Remote OS9 windows capable of displaying graphics

DriveWire 4 can connect directly to your device via a serial interface (a USB adapter will work fine) or via TCP/IP to an IP-Serial bridge. You can also use DriveWire 4 over IP to support emulators such as VCC, XRoar and MESS.
The DriveWire server software has been tested on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Solaris. The server runs well on computers with modest resources, including small devices like the Raspbery Pi, Linksys NSLU2, Nokia N800, or GlobalScale GuruPlug.
DriveWire provides an easy to use programming interface which allows writing client software in a variety of languages. IRC, Twitter and other network clients are in development. Since TCP/IP connections are presented as standard serial ports, the implementation is backwards compatible with almost all existing OS-9 software.


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