CocoSOUND is a stereo sound cartridge for the TANDY Color Computer systems.
In the tradition of the TANDY Orchestra-90 sound cartridge, CocoSOUND offers additional sound creation capabilities for the TANDY Coco computer line, providing easy access to hardware sound generators commonly used to create "chiptunes".
  • Multi-channel (6 channels L and 6 channels R)
  • Dual General Instruments AY-3-8910/ Yamaha YM2149 Programmable Sound Generators (PSGs)
  • Dual SN76489 Digital Complex Sound Generator (DCSG) support
  • 512kB of FLASH storage (CocoFLASH-Mini compatible, 16kB bank size, Coco-3 32kB window capable)
  • Movable base addresses for both flash and CocoFLASH-Mini
  • Option to "hide" IO registers for maximum compatibility
  • 3.5" headphone jack for line output
  • Mono (6 channels for L+R) or Stereo (6 channels per side) capability
  • 4 joystick ports (2 on DB9s, 2 on headers inside unit)
  • SEGA joystick compatible
  • 1MHz/2MHz speed selectable for PSGs (even on AY 3 8910)
  • 16 bits of digital IO (on internal joystick port headers)
  • Ability to map sound ICs in mono mode (both ICs are addressed at once, stereo mode (L is addressed at lower registers, R higher) or stereo reverse (R is lower and L is higher)
CocoSOUND is not yet available for sale. Please let RETRO Innovations know if you have interest in developing for or obtaining this device.


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