Boomerang E2 2048 KB with CPU Guardian

Introducing BoysonTech Boomerang E2 board with Guardian+ CPU protection.
The smallest RAM upgrade available for the Tandy Color Computer 3 (CoCo3).
The first 2 Meg board for under $50.
  • 2048kB SRAM - low power consumption, no external power source needed.
  • Small footprint - same size as the 512kB boomerang
  • More efficient and cooler than DRAM - no cooling fans needed.
  • Full CPU buffer protection built into the Guardian+ including NMI, HALT, IRQ, RESET, FIRQ, and DMA/BREQ lines.
  • Disable 2Meg jumper for non-patched Original Sierra games and other programs that only work with 512kB RAM.
  • Programmable Tricolor LED to illuminate the inside of your CoCo3.
  • Professional installation available at an additional cost. Email for details.
The upgrade requires the removal of the soldered in Motorola 68B09EP CPU chip and replaced with a CPU socket. Machine socket is included with the kit.

It is highly recommended that the socket should be installed by experienced bench technician. The CoCo3 is a 30 year old computer and can be easily damaged by an inexperienced person or by improper solder equipment.

Professional installation is available - contact BoysonTech for details.

The Boomerang E2 RAM and Guardian+ can be purchased separately.


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