Bomb Threat

You're in charge of a warehouse full of boxes of merchandise, but some demented madman has strewn bombs all around, some even inside the boxes! And it's up to you to save the merchandise before the bombs go off.
You have your forklift tractor to push the boxes away from the bombs... or the bombs away from the boxes if you feel brave!
If you click and hold the joystick button as you travel, one box at your rear will be pulled along with you, and/or you can push any number of boxes ahead of you. But watch out! Sometimes a box will be revealed as a bomb!
If a bomb goes off too near you, your turn is at an end. But if you can stay alive until the last bomb goes off, you'll get points for every box you saved.
Bomb Threat was designed and programmed by Rick Adams, author of Tandy's Shanghai and Temple of ROM.


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