The CocoMEM memory expansion system for the Color Computer 3 comprises a single circuit board that plugs into the Coco3 GIME socket, with the GIME IC plugged into the CocoMEM circuit board.
This allows the circuit board to capture all signals needed for complete MMU functionality without requiring any irreversible modification to the Coco3.
To remove, simply remove CocoMEM and replace the GIME in the original socket.
Existing memory in the Coco3 can be left in place (feel free to remove if desired), and no capacitors must be clipped or otherwise removed. No additional installation effort is required.
  • Hardware support for 64 MB of system RAM (test units have 4MB installed)
  • 16 bit task registers
  • Dual MMU support (Separate registers for video MMU and CPU MMU)
  • Map video MMU registers to any 512kB bank in memory
  • Support for 32 CPU MMU tasks, each with their own set of task registers
  • Support for 256 CPU MMU "tasklets" per task, each with their own set of task registers
  • 512kB "emulation" mode (on Barry Nelson's request)
  • NoCan3 $ff9b bank register support
Additional immediately planned features:
  • Per task bank write protect capability
  • Per task bank CPU read interrupt
  • Per task bank CPU write interrupt
  • Map any GIME MMU register to any 8K bank in memory, no 512kB segment restriction


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