CocoFLASH is a multi-ROM cartridge system for the TANDY Color Computer Models 1,2 and 3.
The unit offers the following features:

> 8 Megabyte of FLASH ROM storage, enough for 1000 8kB ROM images, or 512 16K images
> 64kB of EEPROM storage (for game save storage, or other data)
> Orchestra 90 compatibility (including stereo out capability)
> 2 user defined switches
> 1 user defined LED
> Cartridge bank support (ala RoboCop, up to 1MB cart size)

Firmware features:

> Requires only 4 bytes of IO space
> IO base register can be modified by software to anywhere in $ff40-$ff7f)
> IO registers can be "hidden"
> Optional Robocop "offset" register
> Dual offset capability (master 4kB bank register + optional 16kB offset register)
> Programmatic "autostart" capability
> Manufacturer and Device ID registers


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